Whats new in
tm recently. 1. Here
we are, iCE. Starting off the new year with a fuckin bang!
2. The most exciting news is the new members of cou
rse. Well lets see what weve got this month. In alphabetic
al order: Hell Raiser, iNCUBUS, Salmon Moo
se, Soul Rebel, and White Knight. All of these memb
ers are ANSi Artists... Lots of new talent, and lots of new a
rt. Despite this being what is usually one of the worst month
s for ansi Exam Time, iCE has managed to produce aro
und 30 ansis! The other new members are VGA artists Snoo
p Dog, StormTrooper, Master Koresh a new VGA artis
t. 3. There are 2 members who have altered thier
handles. The first is Danzig who has changed his han
dle to White Devil. The other is the ever popular
R0NiN, who is no longer using the 0 in his name : So now it
s just
4. Something that you should REALLY check out in the pack is the
intro that
was made for this month. No, not just one little effect with ripped
music. A whole keen intro, programmed by Leviathan with music
C.C.Catch little graphics stuff here in there in both ANSi VG
A by me,
and a little iCE logo at the end by Mascot. This is th
e kind of real
coding that I was bitching about a few months back :.
5. iCE now has.... Guess what?!?!! A RIP section! hah. Yep it
s about the
size of ACiDs at the moment. Only me. : I tried it out earlier this
month and decided that it was pretty fun. So ive got my first 3 attem
at RIP in the pack. I definatly would encourage any ANSi artists who a
getting a little tired of ansi to give RIPs a try. ANSi RIP sorta g
hand-in-hand and are real easy to pick up on if you just sit down and t
5. Last minute insert, there is a Lord Soth RIP in here,
yes! I have
convinced someone to do RIPs. :
6. Well the Canadian HQ spot is now filled. Sonic Boom in the 61
3 area code
is the new iCE Canadian HQ, Sonic Boom is also the UNiTY WHQ.
Also, a
Western US HQ has been added, it is Roadrunner in 916, it is also the
Nexus WHQ. And no, iCE is not looking for directional HQs now
, a western
HQ was added just to give a bit more represention to iCE on the
west coast.
7. In this iCEPACK is included the 2 iCN iNSANiTY Corperate Net
packet. The reason for this is for iCN Site to be able to update thier
packets a bit easier, and to spread the packet to iCE Sites Member
boards that may not have it yet. iCN is not fully up yet but should be
very soon. Every other iCN packet that is released the even numbered
ones will be included in the iCEPACK for now on. Thanks to Xerobe
setting up the net.
8. No one semed to like the SKiLL/iCE Trial idea. : Eve
ryone felt that
it was too much of a separate group, so now the SKiLL name is gone, the
artists will be listed in the iCEPACK, no iCE Trial Dis
t. sites will be
used anymore, etc. But the main part of the whole idea, the iC
E Trial art
pack, will still be released. And last but not least, there will be on
person running iCE Trial and keeping it in order... Devils
Note: all SKiLL sites, member boards, and HQ boards with the exception
the iCE Trial WHQ are no longer.
9. There is now an IRC Bot set up in channel iCE for anyone inte
iCEPACKs, information on the group, and ways to contact iCE members ov
the internet will be availiable through it. Thanks to Nemo fo
r writing
the bot.
10. Look pretty colors in the .NFO file now! Oooooooooooo...
11. Very last thing is about the Special Ed ansi in this iCEPACK,
it has an
animated begining that will not show up if you look at it in KV Non-
Animated mode. Take a look at it, pretty cool.
- Metal Head iCE Staff
Greets to: Sonoma - Running away and getting married
Sand - Good to have loyal members. Ohh, and I hate people.
Raistlin - Farm livin man.
CybeR ChrisT - OoOoOoOooo I loOoOoOove cartOoOoOooons.
Soul Rebel - Rip Rip Rip
Syntax - iCE Stud
da Salmon Moose - Kick ass stuff man.
Kronos - Flowers in the Attic eh?
Spawn - Whats up earthquake zone man?
Inquisitor - Hmmm check the dividers..
Bane - Uhh Uhh someone bieged off my house Mr. Bell Man.
Bad Karma - Livin it up.
Crime Lord - Havin a good time, 3 groups.
Devils Spawn - I like your logos.. I swear :
Leviathan - Sorta Real!
Soft iCE - D00d ya got FedNet
Insidious - Uhh GOTHiC site?? I disown you my son!
Gray Area - Kewl zine lady.
Spyder Man Egghead - Where are my ansis?? :
Aphex Twin - Fellow Maxx Fan..
RedMan - My RIP brotha.
Xerobe - iCEBot.. wowie!
Cavalier - Kiss and make up?
To all other people - iCE, kickin some ass in the New Year!