A P R I L 2 0 0 2
1. No huge news this month. Nobody joined or quit. But we do have some
awesome ansi love again this month! Big thanks to Trip, who will be heading
up our Ansi division and breathing some new life into it hopefully!
2. Check out our interview with Gecko this month, where we pry into the deep
dark secrets of her life, or at least we ask her what laundry detergent
tastes like.
3. Also be sure to see our tutorial from Leonardo this month! Leonardo teaches
us how to find out for certain if your teddy bear is truly in love with you.
We salute him for being proud enough to stand up and admit this in public,
and wish him well.
4. Couple of quilts from this month. First off, we have what
tiles was really born for, the Salvador Dali Tribute quilt. It turned out
really well, so dont miss it! Next we have part 1 of our Comic quilt,
which was worked on for some time and we finally decided to end it there. It
might be continued in the future though!
5. Root88, bless his soul, laboured for weeks to find as many old iCE ansis as
possible. We can now share them with you in all their glory. These are
ansis that were released prior to the first iCE Pack in August, 1992. For
those who arent familiar with that long ago, iCE was formed in 1990, but
the practice of releasing packs didnt come about until late 1992. All the
art that was done between 1990 and August of 1992 was just put on BBSs for
people to see, and most were lost forever. But we have managed to find a
good number of them, and so we can now allow you to peruse them. As a note,
its interesting to see how far ANSI has come, and thats as political as I
get, folks
You can view them at
Not bothering to wash our hands when we finish,
Slothy and Root88
Lord Soth Root88