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1. Hey whats up, Metal Head here. Putting together the iCEPACK.
Lets see whats been going on this month ...
2. In the way of ANSI there is a bit of news concerning members.
The biggest news is of course the fact that 5 canadians left the
group to start another one that now goes by the name Gotic. We
are, of course, dissapointed to see them go, but at some point maybe
they will be back. Have fun guys.. :
The 5 were: Elminster, Golgotha, Lord Carnuss, Random Violence,
The Retarded Warrior.
3. As people leave, people also join, our newest ANSI members are:
Special Ed.. Just up from iCE Trial. On the road to greatness :
RipTide.. New Trial Member.. Probably soon will be full iCE.
Cool-T.. Hes back and has a wicked ansi out for this month.
G-Man.. Formerly of TRiBE has now joined iCE.
Also, Joker has finnaly released another ansi.. Yeaaaaaah!
5. This month we have the addition of 2 new .MOD composers, Necros
Psychnosis. The later, Psychnosis, is out newest VGA director.
These two make up a good part of the pack with the .MODs released,
definatly worth it though...
6. And the last new member is Par-Salian, an addition to the literature
7. And also Sanctuarytm has gone down, will it go back up? Who
knows.. :
8. One last thing, yes the iCEPACK is over one disk, and im sorry about
that, because it is also too small to split into two disks. So let
me offer a solution. The file MS-MELT1.ZIP is what puts the pack over
one disk. So just take that out of the zip and store it on a separae
disk if you liek to store things.
9. Unfortunatly this is a second release of this November 93 iCEPACK.
This release was made because the origonal was infected by a virus.
Even though the virus PS-MPC, Phalcolm/Skism Mass-Production Virus
is relaltively harmless, people get spooked by virus so this pack is
cleaned of the virus, and SCAN.EXE is included for you to scan your
hard drive. Sorry for any inconvenience...
- Metal Head iCE Staff
Greets to: Leviathan - Maybe itll be out for New Years?? :
Lord Mis. - bleh..
Special Ed - Nice Board
Red Alert - Greet Greet Greet.
Black Sab. - Weed Weed Weed.
Lamp Shade - hahahahahahaha
Village Id - d00d
Jungle Jim - Fuck You..
Joker - My god hes back!
R0NiN - Hi................... d00d
Sonoma - Thanks
Psychnosis - wowsers!
Genesis - I dont appreciate haveing to call Finland. :
All others - Hi