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1. Hey whats up, Metal Head here. Putting together the iCEPACK yet
again. Well lets see what kind of news there is in iCE this Month.
2. On a sad note LiQUiD iMAGE has decided to leave his illustrious career
in ANSI Art. In my humble opinion though, hell be back. In the
summer probably. Well here is his text file which he included with his
last ANSI :...
Final Word.
You guys that are reading this might wonder why the end of the ansi
said that it was my last one of my career. Well frankly it is. I have
came to a hard decision, I have decided that I am ending my career as an
artist. This means that I dont want people calling me up in the middle of
the night and trying to grab an ansi off me for free. Ill still be on
some boards just doing messages. Anyways, I think that iCE will do just
fine without the input of my artwork. So from now on I dont want to be
bothered by ANY BODY about ansis.
Greets: Denizen
Tempus Thales
Infernal Majesty
Staff of AOM.
Thanks to all the people that made my career great.
Best wishes to iCE
Someday I might come back to the scene.
This was written and completed on the 26/10/93
3. We have 2 ANSI artist who have switched over to the VGA side of the
group. The first of these is Eternal Darkness. He has been doing
VGAs and Mods for a while now. But he has decided to go at it full
time. Most likly a blessing in desguise. Ive seen some of his
unreleased work and it is much better then his earlier VGAs.
With him devoting all his time to VGA he could be another Pixel : heh.
The other artist is Danzig, he as well is very talented in the area
so watch for his releases He has one in this pack.
4. iCE has come out with yet ANOTHER ansi viewer : This one is called
K-View/Krystal View the file name is KV.exe. Check it out. It has
a few thing in it that no others do. Such as 320x200 VGA mode for
ANSIs which in my opinion looks better then 640x480. Plus as well
as viewing 80x25 line mode ANSIs in VGA Mode, it views 80x50 Line
mode ANSIs in VGA Mode. Its and great viewer.
5. Among the new artists that we have gotten this month is Black Sabbath.
He is getting better and better with each ANSI. And will be VERY good
as time progresses. We also have aquired R0nin a contribution to our
literature section, he is more of an evil, pessimistic writer.
6. A new version of iCEColor, v1.3 has been released and is in this pack.
It fixes all errors that we could find with v1.0. Its also has
some Library files to help with iCEColor detect in other programs, etc.
- Metal Head iCE Staff
Greets to: Lord Michief - Money... Huh-huh
Night Shade - Kewl d00d
WatchMan - The viewer is now released!
Elminster - Hey Mr. Keen :
Eternal D. - Much appriciated.
Leviatian - iCEColor
Redskin - Getting better
Mascot - That logo is great. Gotta talk to ya about it.
Shock Treat. - Your car sucks... :
And others.. sorry but my memory is too bad to remember all
the people who I told I was gonna greet.. :