Whats New in iCE Recently.1.
This iCEPACK for July of 1993 has been brought to you by the more
recently known silent Senior Staff of iCE... Metal Head. :
Suprise, Suprise!2. The iCEPACK is a BIT small this
month, but since its quality that counts, who cares! :
2. Well due to the outpouring of VGA art last month, and th
e fact that CyberChrist has departed iCE for the time being, a
nd Quazer Vapor are on vacation, the VGA has been a bit slow
this month. Well actually it was at a halt this month. Next
month though will be different and the quality will improve f
rom the June pack. Look for it.3. After the rise to iCE
SS of Shihear Kallizad for a month then his fall a few months
ago, Midnight sorrow came into the iCE SS position. Then, onc
e more, after a month he took a step back and decided he neede
d to leave the scene. Now in our third attempt, The Untimed h
as risen to the challenge of breaking the streak. I think itll
happen.3. These little divisions sure seem to be get
ting popular, next is
another one.
3. I would just like to personnaly congradulate The Untimed on the
position. From what I can tell he should be a good, active, and
reliable Staff Member. Im looking forward to working with him
on some of his new ideas.
4. Damn! theres no little 3/4 sign, oh well. Anyways.. with the
new Staff in Tempus can step down once more. Im sure hes jumping
with joy. : This now brings the Staff to 3 members:
- Force Ten, Metal Head, The Untimed -
5. Now here are some comments from STiLE....
5a. iCE would like to officially welcome a few new members to the team!
Tatsu, formerly of Digitally Oriented artists a great new talent in th
scene. Forgemaster and Violator are the newest additions to iCEs soun
department, and we look forward to seeing some great music comming from
them shortly. Dark Knight, a former Legacy VGA artist has recently joi
the ranks of iCE, and were very happy to have him! On the topic of ne
VGA members, Exquisite Corpse yet another former Legacy member has al
joined iCE. We also welcome Golgotha, Rawhead Rex, Spot and Jester,
formerly of ACiD productions, who recently came over to iCE. Banana
Basher and Cid Vicious have also been accepted into the iCE team.
We are expecting big things from these people, and they show awesome
5b. Lord Carnuss, Elminster, Faded Whisper, and LiQUiD iMAGE.. you know
how I feel about you guys comming to iCE, so I wont have to ramble on
about it. : Now that Random Violence and The Retarded Warrior are now
iCE together, there are 3 sets of brothers! What a record! :
5c. Id like to extend thanks to all the other iCE Canadian guys thats
have helped out iCE this month, and everyone else for making us 1 agai
To anyone else that I have forgot to mention, sorry! gulp
5d. Hes back. TMT
6. iCE would like to say keep it up, to HellRazor, a new VGA artist
in 301. Look for work from him in later packs.
7. If you have access to the Internet and would like to contact iCE
you can e-mail me Metal Head at: metalhed@phantom.com or try
to catch me on IRC as just plain MetalHead on the usual two
8. Also dealing with the Internet topic. The newer iCEPACKs can be
on the demo FTP site, ftp.uwp.edu. In the directory /pub/msdos
9. Heres the shortest comment on the iCE Mag ever in a pack..
If you have any questions, or want to write an article, contact
Metal Head or The Untimed.
Greets to: Tempus - Staff, Not Staff, Staff, Not Staff, .... Are
you picking off flower pedals?
Fore Ten - FT phone home!
TMT - Glad your back. Keep doing ANSIs!
STiLE - Its not that bad...
Psy. Slash - Your a great guy man, Keep up the good work.
Soft iCE - Here you go, a greet. Cheap Plug:
The Prototype - 301-294-9334
Joker - Hey you! The next Jed, wanna talk to more of my
drunk friends? :
Black Ire - Reggae sucks! : Snow is even worse.
Da Bouncer - The JBs suck compared to you. :
Skitzo K. - Your and your brother have the absolute STRANGEST
F. Image - Greet :
Valiant - R.I.P.
Everyone - Thanks for supporting iCE!
Thanks to all the iCE Artists and Members who contributed this month.