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1. Hi guys.. Syntax here proudly typing up the
.NFO to start off the . new year right! A hell of
a lot has been going on in the past month, so without
further ado, Ill try to recap whats been going on with all
of us.. If everything went as planned, this pack should have been released
one day early.. Yes, thats right.. trying to turn a new leaf with dates..
2. New Members: we are proud to welcome a whole hodge podge of both old and
new people to the group. In no particular order: Squidgalator and Porus
have joined the VGA ranks.. Biscuit, Quasar, King Midas, Deeply Disturbed,
Golgotha yap, its hard for me to beleive too, gman, Lord Drakul, Handy-
man, and Leonard0 are new ansi artists.. and Killean the Reds a new coder
3. Internet Access to the iCE Packs: Ive recently accepted a position on the
HORNET demo site, and we will once again make our latest art packs avail-
able through this site.. it should be up and functioning as of February 1.
In case youve forgotten, the site is and the packs should
be located in the pub/msdos/demos/ansi directory..
For those who are interested in picking up archives of any past pack, we
enourage you to check out our new home at its FTPable with an anonymous login.. and if youre looking for some
application info or you desire to get an ansi for your board, you can also
use finger for all the latest iCE Related News/Info.
4. Things not viewable within XV: the .JPGs by ImageSex g, Mascot, which
are highly recommended viewing, the loaders by Saint Blazer, and the .RIP
from Mastah Juvie Ken.
4b. A long friend of iCE and mine for quite some time, Pixel/FC, reqested that
we release one of his VGAs that wasnt released at the Party competitions
as was originally planned, and wanted to see what you all thought.. if you
get the chance, mail him at and tell him how awesome it was
5. Paid Requests: we have been receving unusally high amounts of requests for
these.. Almost to the point in which we cant keep up with them all, so if
you are one of these people who want your own iCE ansi or VGA, leave inet
email to it can then be spread out among all the other
people within the group.. Also, on that note, Tempus has an ansi that hes
been working on for quite some time and he is interested in selling it for
the right price.. if youre interested in this, contact John at his board,
our WHQ, the Sanctuary, and leave mail to Gay iCE Guy. If that doesnt
work, try Tempus.. seeing as how they really mean the same thing. If the
ice94 account gets you no immediate response,then try mailing
6. Id like to send out a quick scene welcome to Alter Ego and his Unchained
group... we in iCE wish your group all the best, and hope that it exceeds
all your expectations.
7. A special thanks goes out to all the iCE members that really went all out
this month. Being in the group for around 2 years now, its great to see
the longevity and energy you guys still have had all this time.. from all
the ansi greats who did up an ansi for us to start off the year right, to
all of the very, very talented VGA guys who continue to amaze me with in-
crasingly good pictures. Ive had a lot of fun helping with the pack this
month, and hope everyone enjoys the art as much as I have...
- Syntax Error iCE
Lord Soth Pnakotic Shaggy