word cia is kickin it back in the
nine six so you better phear for yor greetz goto phaserx
lives because me,cia,and toon are mk- ewheat cheeze phantom
ing one helluva come back! shadowrunner phobiuh
napalm rebal filth and
a BIG fuck you goes to
this ansi is for spear. PRIVATE PARTS, you know
you better trade w/me.. why you fucker
cause this ansi took well
over 5 hours.. and thats
a long time
for my ass
to be sitti ng
hear drawin g..
tx? + t o o n
enjoy the show-enjoy-onetphearfullhcombinatione fuchin show nigga
1 00 or i ginal pic 20 of the time?
one way
da n k!
+ -- dank
run by spear
a phearfull board
im tew mature for hidden text :
- 100 lines baybee! -
well this has been another toons xilion ansi
if you want won of these dewdle pad ansis, contact me at
email txcia@juno.com
bbs exile 413-746-4982
or by irc or any national board
i can only trade or draw for pay.. my request list is getting tew long