word cia is kickin it back in the
nine six so you better phear for yor greetz goto phaserx
lives because me,cia,and toon are mk- ewheat cheeze phantom
ing one helluva come back! shadowrunner phobiuh
napalm rebal filth and
a BIG fuck you goes to
this ansi is for spear. PRIVATE PARTS, you know
you better trade w/me.. why you fucker
cause this ansi took well
over 5 hours.. and thats
a long t ime
for my a ss
to be si tting
hear dra wing..
tx? + t o o n
enjoy the show-enjoy-onetphearfullhcombinatione fuchin show nigga
l o g o coll y
+o booberry
n i te fi r e
e x hibi t ----------------- --- visit
ask 4 directions
forget it visit EXHIBIT 4a for more
apply to exhibit info --------------------- s a le
opped by retro
evil eye for zambini
you guessed it.. the name of the
board is emiloo...
urban disciplinebiohazard
the annexphantom
matrix s tu ff tx? in her e
t h e a n ne x
free ansi boo.. ok.. this is the colly for pack 2
hopefully it gets out this time..
paying request yay!
alot has happened since i last released with a group.. i just want to start
off by saying thanx to the nigz who let me into this group.. if you want a ansi
by me for whatever dumb reason you can contact me on irc , email
txcia@juno.com or at my bbs exile 413-746-4982w00p well ill see you sillys
in the scene.. oh ya one last thing, i would like to give a warm fuckyou tew
private parts.. well he knows why.. his goto cheeze,wator,filth,napalm,cia ppl
looney ppl and a big hello to the people over at fire.. hey twilight is better
cause we dont need to light ourselfs on fire to get noticed : bye bye till next pack!