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Well, its actually 21, boys and girls. A 2-year blackjack party has been
won. It doesnt mean well stop kicking ass, of course, but still its a
little achievement, dont you think? This month was not all happiness and
smiles. Some members left us. Then again, some new blood joined. Lets
concentrate on the latter.
God among Lice, VGA artist and even an ex-president of an excellent
artgroup Fire. We apologize for the last month inconvenience: weve
forgotten to add you to the member list, shame on us : Congratulations on
turning 21 this month, the month of our 21st pack - now youre officially
allowed to drink vodka when HRg turns 2 :
And Agrippa, ascii/ansi artist, a rare case: got iLs approvement :
Welcome to the family!
Our guests this time are:
Remission whos made joint pic with Lice
And DiTi whose main feature is that shes one of the best girls around :
As for the ones who left... Farewell. And be our guests whenever you wish.
well, thanks to il and whoever for accepting me into hrg..
and, sorry for only putting in 3 asciis :.. various greetings
to v9. btw, if your looking for a logo, contact me agrippa@efnet
or email me at agrippa@magitech.com.. seeya.
life is good. i have a lovelife and life loves me. And dont worry, i
wont be producing offspring for a GOOD long time. Greets to Tamarah my
signifigant other, shere for his offerings of sex, spro for beating
shere off with a stick, darkhalo for keeping shere busy, the rest of
the hrg folx, dark folx, sfraves folx.
wireframe by darkhalo, logo for elbow room rave... life is busy, whee.
fuck you
God among Lice
Tribute to Night Daemon - A portrait in memory of Levi Dedi, aka Night
Daemon, who died one year ago. If you havent visited before, a page in
memory of Levi exists at www.ice.org/shalom. He shall always be remembered.
Pond - Its water reflecting the sky, with abstract, green
plant-like things near the surface. If you cant figure it out,
then you probably dont deserve to live.
Joint Self Portrait - Whats a joint self portrait, you ask? If you were
to combine the two of us, the result would be something neither of us
could recognize. This man must be him.
I greet no one, for fear of insulting those I do not greet.
And this is not a halloween pack, for there is no halloween in Russia. duh.
Shere Khan
This is a cover, or an illustration, or whatnot, for the Let Me Out song
by Corpse. If you havent heard it or even OF HIM : yet - visit the
ftp://sdc.wtm.tudelft.nl/pub/music/groups/hrg IMMEDIATELY!
Greets to Corpse this time.
And to my love, whom Ive actually found, FYI and BTW :
Feel free to express your respect at iwilldevourya@hotmail.com
Ahh.. BEAUTY. Ever tried to draw the beauty?
hehh.. My first attempt. Greets blows to all hrg chicks..
take me
Diz.. Youre my second father.. Take my RESPECTS..
verdure 9 people
Sometimes i think its my best one, ever...
Greets go to tEr and other 7 people..
The railroad is the beginning of the coordinates, one of... I failed to
express it, but I tried... logo and fonts by Sprocket.
Philosopher is a philosopher... Hes so deep in his thoughts that the bird
up there starts to consider using his head as a suitable site for a nest
The yard was planned and drawn by me and DiTi to be a St.Petersbourg yard,
and the elephant - to be lone and miserable, shitting into yards, on the
heads of cursing people.
The cat is my first experience in Corel Xara thanks to Sprocket for
teaching me and for the delicious bird for my cat
These are my associations with the shadows of my thoughts.....
Thanks to all whos just read this.
And unspoken gratitude to:
DiTi, Spro, tEr and Shere Khan for all the help, critics and mood
its all like this because you exist
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