The Sixth Discovery by Hieroglyphics
The Sixth Discovery by Hieroglyphics
The Sixth Discovery
I apologize to those expecting Hieroglyphics to unveil itself on the first as
is the usual! To be frank, it slipped my mind and when I remembered the date
had already come and gone! So, Im going to keep this absolutely minimal so
that I can pump out the goods tonight, five days later. I realize I am a
weenor and I beg your forgiveness.
It was a quiet month, as I wrote diploma exams and eased my way into the last
semester of school at least cheap school I will endure EVER again!
Hieroglyphics is, of course, an uncannily strong stone of a group. However,
even the most respected rocks become eroded over time, and we felt the falling
away of a few valued members. Pariah, Rash, Slackzor and Zippy crumbled
Happy Valentines Day. Ansi boys are great lovers, so go make some women happy.
Warm regards,