Catch Twemty-Two RANTS...
Glue Thirty. Well, its finally here. A lot has happened within the
glue camp in the past two months. First of all, if we were following our
regular release schedule, we should have released this pack on january 31st.
Its March 3rd right now. Are we late ? Well, not technically. Glue is no
longer following a regular release schedule. For many groups, this step has
lead to either such scattered releases that its pathetic, or death. Glue is
neither pathetic or anywhere near death. Infact, this new step will allow us
to release higher quality packs on our own terms, as well as bond more as a
group. Ive posed glue as a family for the past 29 packs, and it seems that
only after this thirtieth pack, and my absence has glue actually become a
family. I havnt been around much at all in the last two months. Whether its
been my busy schedule, lack of motivation or lack of interest in the scene,
I just havnt taken my usual active role in our ansi scene. People tell me
that Im a morale booster, that Im a fountain of positivity. A few people
have even told me that the scene has been falling apart in my absence. I dont
know if I deserve that type of attention or if I even actually have that
important of a role in this scene. To be honest, Im not sure if I even want
it. I will tell you what I do want though. What I do deserve. I want everyoneto be positive. I want everyone to carry a barrage of positivity. I want you
to know that you have value. I want you to know that you too can have such
an important role in the scene, that without you, things can fall apart. We
all have intricit roles in the scene. We all have the potential to be a legend. With this type of attention directed towards me, I feel as if others
are being kept out of the spotlight. It is not I that keeps things together in
this scene. Its you. Its all of you. But I will shove a little modesty
aside, and give credit where credit is due. Glue keeps things going in this
scene. Glues become the factor in the scene that binds it together. Glue
is the best there is, was, and ever will be. I say that without feeling one
bit arrogant, because I know it to be true. I have pride in Glue, and all of
its accomplishments. I am so incredibly proud of every one of our members ..
so incredibly proud. With things falling apart left and right in whats left of
our scene, Glue has always been able to hold its own. Its been a role model
for new groups, and a basis for comparison for old ones. Weve outlasted so
many. Seen so many fall, so many have their 15 minutes of fame. And as we
approach glue thirty, we all know that the role Glue has grown to hold is too
important to label. Glue is everything that is true and pure in the ansi
scene. Glue is forever. With the people crying for leadership and inspiration,we offer Glue. The need has been fulfilled, and it forever will be. Because
as Ive said many times before my friends, ansi dies with us.
Ministar RANTS...
If anyone cares, I am back! I am however going through a lot of life
changes right now. I am no longer living at home, no longer living with my
parentsvery happy, and no longer a laid back guy would just causes trouble
on IRC, switches groups every other month and watches all his previous groups
die. Everybody idles around talking like they got something to say, but nothing
comes out worth reading, no solutions, only complaints.
I mean, most groups die because the leaders are having a tough time in their
lives and the members just watch the group crumble and begin to blame others
about the misfortune! Glue seemed to be going in this direction, but I
realized something, a group isnt just a leader running everything and having
artists draw for the group. A group is a team, and as a team we must pull
together in times of despair and do the impossible!
So that brings us to GLUE 30, 2 months late, our fearless leader having some
problems and us members pulled together to release a fairly decent pack! WE
something I am proud of, why? Because we didnt fall victim to this great
virus that is sweeping the lands of the scene, we arent just another memory
left to rott away like the rest of the scene.
In final, GLUE is the best, and will always be the best! We own USED, We own
zeroVision whispers coldly...
I had something to prove this month. I set out to prove that glue was the
powerhouse of the art scene. I look around and i see no equals. We are still
waiting for someone to step up and take the challenge. Yes, we have the first
and last word because we have earned it. There are no childish rivalries. There
are no disputes among members. We stand united at the brink of a new era of ansiYou all whine and bicker about the scene being dead. I can see what you see not,and it is rather difficult seeing as how i lack the vision to see how your sceneis eating itself from the inside out. BBSs are coming back, along with the art
to sustain them. I have a full workload of school, and yet i continue to draw.
whats your excuse?
There will be no death of the scene, only a new beginning.
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