july 1999 info file by glue
july 1999 info file by glue
july 1999 info file
when things first started out for the unknown, untalented, disillusionedglue crew, our peers told us we wouldnt last. so we have, and youve seen
me go on about how we have stuck with it. im sure youre sick of seeing me
go on about how glues lasted, and how were the best art group thats ever
existed, and ever will exist. and that were never going to die. so what?
im proud. i think that anyone whos ever been involved in glue is proud to
say that they are or at one point were apart of the best art group to ever
be. to show up all the nay-sayers, to suprise everyone, to stir up emotion
and controversy that echos throughout the scene. when the dog bites, when
the bee stings, when im feeling sad, i simply remember my favourite things,
then i dont feel so bad. hmm.
when talking to people on irc, and seeing them say that they dont
care, that they dont feel pride for their art or their group. that just
makes me really really sad. sometimes i cry about it. to hear that someone
doesnt enjoy what they do, and that they havnt had the chance to experience
the pride and obsession that i, and other artists have felt is upsetting.
we all deserve the chance to enjoy and love what we do in this scene. people
say that the ansi scene, and ansi art is so limiting. that its dying.
if so, glue isnt helping their argument at all. we are here to do what previou-sly could not be done. we are above false expectations, and we are forever.
a long time friend, and all time gluey has rejoined. the clan has
welcomed riddler back to the group once again. he shows us what the scenes
been missing, and hell show us what can be done in the future. i love this
guy, and hopefully his positive attitude can shed some more light into scene
a long time member has been removed from the member list for prolonged
inactivity. he has drawn, but his ansi has been kept from the packs.
although he is very dedicated, we have also had some complaints from members
about his attitude, and his negativity. although weve had problems with
thext, we hope that he has better luck and more productivity in the future.
hopefully he becomes more sociable as well :
for all the linux users out there, a man by the name of ttb is
coding a linux drawing program, thatll knock your socks off. the name is
tetradraw, and he can use all the art you can kick out. props to ttb for
helping the scene move another step forward.
the pack is late once again, i left my house for a bit due to some
family problems, but now im back and barely getting things back together.
ive also had some major monitor problems, and im working on getting the cash
for a new one. thats why you dont see that much art from me this month.
which is a real bummer to me, since this is our two year anniversary. this
problem should be corrected by next month.
word to all that submitted. the pack is great, and im glad to see
that were all doing our part to keep things kicking. the scene is not a
shelter for the weak - its a continent for those who are willing to give it
a chance, and do all that they can to make it something enjoyable. long
live ansi.