pack #7 info file by glue people
pack #7 info file by glue people
- glue info for february 1998 -
h i sceners.
this month was crazy. february has officially been declared CRAZY
MONTH. first we started our new semesters at school, and this is
my tough semeseter. this also happens to be the ruiners tough
semester. and we both happened to get chicks at the same time,who
both happened to be named kate. i think we took part in some crazy
government conspiracy that linked our brains when we were babies.
or maybe im just stalking the ruiner and anything he does i do.
maybe aliens think were all gay,and want to take our farm animals
away and make them do circus tricks. or maybe not. so in midst of
of all the hastle, the ruiner is stepping down as a senior in glue
and is now just a regular artist. its not like that matters any-
way, considering everyone in glue pretty much has a say of what
goes on, and being a senior is merely a title we can strut around
the scene and build up egos to the point where we idle on our asses
for a year, and produce a pic or two. then again, maybe not.
hint hint.
im glad to say that we kick ass now. and that fire is back, and
that echo is doing great, and new groups are coming out and stuff
so the scene is in a revival sort of state in my opinion. but i love
it anyways, so snort. oh, plazz left us this month for a reason im
still not quite sure of, and knocturnal left us for avenge cause he
was too good for glue or something like that, and malformed left to
organize his own group called insect if im not mistaken, and we wish
them all the best of luck. especially mal. hi malformed! oh i almost
forgot that tainted was brought to senior staff for obvious reasons
and that hes smart. iq 666.
what else is there.. oh yeah, i think weve ditched that gluewww
idea, but we might re-vamp the homepage anyways cause drs wants
to do some more to it. although lots of people said they liked it
so maybe well keep it. i donno, its up to drs. i dont involve myself
in those webpage thingies. i draw blocks.
the artist who used to be known as phobia has been hooked on phoniks
i think i spelled that wrong, which defeats the purpose and has
changed his name to fobeeuh. how 31337. anyways he has stuff to
say, and i wouldnt mess with him, cause he can hack better than
jeffery domer.
f obeeuh
Im looking for a better ansi editor for Linux than duhdrawpieceOshit.
I started my own ircII script called offbeat.irc -- hopfully Ill finish it.
I actually started getting ansi requests after glue-06 -- I guess im improvin
I mod fluph whenever I get new art / get motivated with a mod idea - but the
fact that boards arnt very popular anymore makes me feel like im wasting
my time -- so inspire me! as halaster has:
Im also starting to learn ascii.. so help me out you ascii peeps.. ,
--- fobeeuhglue
c ontact
so in light of the homepage being fixed up, drs would like all members
to fill out new profiles for the page, as well as possibly update
their example ansis. i donno, just email or talk to him on irc or
something. as well, we need to hear from pariah and stalker to see
whats up, and regular garbage like that. trash. milk me.
g uest
whOO lots of guests this month. kyo did two, well one was a joint
with toxix, and plazz submitted one too. you got the time plazz,
stick to the scene and my good buddy grindking did a guest ansi
too. youre the man gk, infact youre as cute as a baby giraffe.
inside joke and at the last minute, toons xilion suprises us
with a spiffy guest!@ anyways thank you guys, and ill try to pay
you all back for your kindness. what goes around comes around.
s cene stuff
hmm, maybe i can use this space to say stuff about the scene, even
tho i dont really want to, and i know itll just get me in a heep
of trouble. bah. you should just have fun, do what you want, and
try to make the scene a better place. put on some yoko ono, and
just think PEACE AND HARMONY. kiss your brother. wait, thatd be
gross. incest even. just hug him instead. we should all try to
get along, draw lots, and compete in a non egotistical manner or
something along those lines. i know i want to be the best, but i
wont tell you when i am. and i will be, its just,. ill keep it
to myself when i finally reach that point. thats called confidence.
anyhow, the scene is being revived slightly, and its great, and
i see lots of artists returning, groups forming, art improving.
it wont be the oldschool scene that we remember, it will be the
collective of the entire scene. what comes in the future will be
what we strive for, not what happened in the past. that has come and
gone, and if we want something better to happen, we have to work
together to make that work. we know where we stand, just make sure
you do too.
b ye
im done yapping. i am bored like hell , and kate is sleeping
and its a sunday afternoon, so i have reasons to be bored.
maybe ill go draw some ansi now. hope you enjoy the pack, bye.