Galza 5 Nfo by Otium Man & I_L
Galza 5 Nfo by Otium Man & I_L
galza5 nfofile
wow , are we late .. now , lemme explain why we release the
july pack in august :
its simple actually .. its fucking summer .
i left to france the 20th july it was great with al that germans
there . we decided to learn german and next year well go to
italy . lets hope that claus and his harem will be there too P
, iron lung should release the pack at the end of the month .
but a few days later he and ter had the chance to go to ugansk
siberia , big musquitos and cold heavy rain, their departure
was quick and unprepaired there was no time left for the pack .
i returned in august , so did lung , a week later . july was gone .
our memberlist contains 7 people now : ironlung,
daeron , havok , phantom lord , diamond , ultimate ,
, and me , otium man .
we made a galza tshirt . shirt.asc is on it ..
the shirt itself is black ofcourse ..
a shirt costs 13 without the cost to send it . sending costs
are 4 or less..
were busy making the galza site . be prepared .
otium man / gALZA
iL speakin
do not kill me, my friends, i was justa infected by sun, wind
and belltongues.. ill be back in autumn. shave my head, lucy.
ps.. do not forget about episode I