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,? ,I ,dP ,I ,I IJ ,dP ,I
J? ,d I ,d I ,d I J? I ,d
,dPII ,dPII ,dPI , II ,dPI
P I I I j I I
?+ I I I
,dP I I I I
,dP ,
iL ,dL version 0.01
,dP ,d,
,dP ,dP hello all ...
P ,dP here writes otium man .
,d I I .. i guess most of you people
I I I ?L know me. ive been in a bunch
? of local groups like prozac, mute
I I I ?? fantasies , triloxy and i was the
I I I j last new karma member karma died
, one week after i joined of course
I I I ive been in hellraiser group too,
I I I for about a year now. and we always
, released quality ascii in the big
,P I,yQI hirez pack . on the same period we
? ,dSS saw great ascii groups like odelay
? ,J? and karma die. other groups like mimic
? JP ,dI and remorse were getting more and more
, y, lazy and released the most stupid packs
? I L weve ever seen ofem they still do btw.
I I I jPL those groups begged us iL and me
?, .J IL to join their shitty groups , but
, ?, IP weve always laughed with their avances..
I ?, ,? we decided to put the asciis in a seperate
L ?. ,d? zip. it gives us the opportunity to gain
, ?L ,dP the respect we deserve , and to become
,dP bigger.. we dont need 50 lazy members
I ,dP ,d like some groups do , what we do need
P ,d are a few more motivated and talented people..
I P ,dPI , for those who want to fly.. contact us.
I I ,dP ,d,
I I ,d IP DiamonD diamond@hrgforce.org
I I I I ironLung irod@mail.axon.ru
I I otium otiumman@hotmail.com
I I I I phL