NHL Logo Colly Pt. 2 by Quip
NHL Logo Colly Pt. 2 by Quip
Ansi by Quip
Welcome to part 2 of the most Canadian series of ANSIs Ive ever drawn.
I love the game of hockey, and thought it would be fun to goop up some
of my favourite NHL team logos.
Ill probably do about 25 logos in total, give or take.
If you dont end up seeing your favourite team in this series, its because
theyre a garbage team made up of a bunch of hopeless, diving savages.
This time around, I only had enough time for 3 team logos, but next pack
well be back into hockey season, so Ill have... even less time. Damnit.
2019 Stanley Cup Champions - St. Louis Blues
Nashville Predators
Quip/Fuel - IG:@quipansi
Chicago Blackhawks
Quip:Fuel IG: @quipansi