Dungeon BBS (remix) by Smooth
Dungeon BBS (remix) by Smooth
This ANSI was originally drawn for my old board DUNGEON 2 BBS by
Asphixia of ACiD Productions tm. This is my remix version of it
for my reborn DUNGEON BBS system in 2018. Hope you guys like it!
Dungeon BBS . running Mystic BBS v1.12 a39
telnet: dungeon.bbs.io port 2323
sysop: Smooth . FUEL Member Board . PHENOM Member Board
hosted on Amazon Web Services
ArakNet / PInet / Commodore Net
I was hoping that Asphixia would memory of him, I dedicate this
have been able to see and enjoy ANSI to one of ACiDs amazing
this remix, but heard that he had artists and may you never be
passed away a few years ago. In forgotten. - Smooth Fuel
* In Memory of Asphixia ACiD *