Info File for Fuel 14 by Night Daemon
Info File for Fuel 14 by Night Daemon
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exhaust fuel14 HIREZ information file sportscar watch the tire tire leather man! to boldly draw what no one has ever drawn before Hello all .You are watching another Fuel Hi-Resolution pack. Its been 4 months since Fuel started releasing Hi-Resolution art , and I would say its going pretty well. Weve had alot of changes during this time , most important one this month is that enzyme now runs the hirez department with me , in charge of 2d art. We welcome a few new members this month , tempo has joined fuel , and hell be helping us with the homepage project were currently concentrating on , other new members are superlou and kyo , we wish them good luck with us. As for this pack Im pretty much pleased with the
2D submissions , hope we keep the balance between 2d and 3d. Thanks to Flux Fire for guesting us this month. As I said , fuel is currently heavily constructing its
home page , and we hope to complete this project soon as we see it as a pretty important task now. Look out for new special upcoming projects from our members. next month,we hope to release them under fuel as well. I hope that a new form of art has come to the VGA scene - The logo colly . I think its refreshing to see photoshop and vector art in packs , it certainly adds alot. I saw Tiny 3Ds colly in the iCE pack , I think its a great start and ppl should follow the idea . This is an opportunity to thank Tiny3d for guesting us 3 months in a row , we really appreciate it . We still welcome new comers to the group , if you think you are qualified , leave me mail at with a few samples of your work , or catch me on IRC on fuel Until next month , Night Daemon , Fuel HiRez organizer.
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  • Info File for Fuel 14
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  • 1997-07-03
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