nfstn pic by zippy
nfstn pic by zippy
zPfoo art
april 29th 1992, there was a riot on da streets tell me where u were, while you were sittin home watchin your tv i was participating in some anarchy.. -sublime
i n f e s t a t i o n
+ o C o m a t o s e
cutz i said cutz
So basically. Once u cut your hair, you get inspired to draw.
WEll, sorta. I started drawin this two days before i got muh
no mo hair cut. After, i started drawin and shit. Damn barbar cut
fr ee 4 INCHES off. damn. I told em to leave 4 inches. oh well.
ar tz Muh new cut is all good. Nice and short. I guess da less hair
so rr i have the more i draw. Hrmm. Anyway. THis is for comatose.
yi ml It also has no relation to da quote. I just liked it.
az ya i think i gotta job
nd it greetz. vade when im playing, i dont give up man..
be tt AOH da bitch beat me in chess in 3 mins.. hmm
er be elastic beat me in like.. 3 moves. .i suck
wo rt mister NEVERONIRC .. i mean tk.
hm uh deathrai - kickin our local scene in da ass ey?
ti me comatose - here. take it bitch! :
: FUEL FIRE PEZ EN and anyone ive ever told id draw
for them and didnt. look ma. hidden msgs
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