Infestation by Kh0on
Infestation by Kh0on
Fuck you. I mean, have a nice day.
,gp / ,db. / d.,.b If you have a request and are willing to pay money,
ii E-mail me at or catch me on irc in ANSI
or ASCII or FUEL...This ascii was inspired by
i7i PariahFAT.. Oh ya, watch for my board Subject to Change.. Ta .dP Nice lil art place in 619.. Hmph, this is my 3rd pic..
8JJIll i ,8JIIlliii ,aSSa,a7 ...,,,,ggggggggp,,,,,. .,aS7JIlllii ,d88 ,gS88888888888888*Saqp.,g7 ,Illii ,dC.,a8888JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ8888a,,.. Ilii ,d888888888888IIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJJJJJJSSSDplii d88888888888888888888IIIIIIII,,li ,8888888888888IIIIIIIY,.., iii Y888888IIIIIIIb. ii 8Y ,d88IIIII ,a7 d888IIII , ,S88IIII.
d7 d8IIIIi ,888III: ,88IIi 88IIIU88IIIJ88II88II888II8IIP 88III, 88III77 l77 77, 8888II7 i7 ,d7 a , , i 88II7 aa7 ,S7 7 ab, b, lii Yb.,d8II7 ,,47 ,b ,6, d7,..
llii T88II7 ,d7 ,a7 d7 ,dlii i7 lllii 88II. .,aSI C7 ,7iilii7 l7 iiilJJllii TIIb SaSSi5 i5iS IP iiIIIJJJlllii TIIIA 7,.7n.,67.,. l iiIIIJJ8JJJllliii 8IIb Sg,aSSdSa,s,gS.l7 iiIIIJJ8888JJJllliii I8a J7 i iiIIIJJJ88888JJJlllii U TI J7 7 iiIIIJJJ88888JJJlllii i88b Sdl7,.YJ7 d7 iiIIIJJJ888888JJJlllii l87b T7,7,Y7JII d7 iiIIIJJJ8888888JJJlllii 88 aiSadb,JIIb+ iiIIIJJ8888888JJJllliii 8b , JIll7 iiiIIIJJJJ8888888JJJlllii 888b, 67,bssd,dJJII7 iiIIJJJ8888J8888888JJJlllii 78 sdJJI7 iiIIJJJ8888JJJ888888JJJllliiii 77 JJI7 iiIIJJJ8888JJJ88888888JJJllliiii 8 ii iiiIIJJJ888JJJJ888888JJJllliiii d88 ii iiiiIIIJJ8888JJJJI8888JJJllliii ,87 iiliiiii,..,.,,,....iiiIIIJJ888888JJJJII88JJJllliiii ,87 iiillliillliiiiiiiiiiii:...888IIJJJ8888JJJJIIi8JJJlllllii ,87 iiiiilllJllllliiiiiiiiiiii......888IIJJJ8888JJJIIIIJJlllliiii: , iiiiilllJJJJJJllllll::::::......8888JJJ88888IJJJIII88JJJlllii + illllJJJ88JJJ:::::::::....888JJJJJ888888JJJJJIIii888JJJlllii +. iiilllJJJ8JJ:::::..888888JJJJJJ88JJJJJJIIIiii888JJJlllliii.. iiilllJJJ8J:::..888JJJJJ8JJJIJJJIIIIIIIiiii888888JJJJJJ887l88.::::. a,..,,.JJJIIIIIIIII8888JJJJJJ .ii,l, 7.i bITdPII888JJJ8J iili,d7l,diill 7,aaa,.ib b47,7,gSSp III8888JJJJ ill 7,diill ,d7Tb,b a7,aId7 III88888JJ llll diiJs7d7 ,78iP4b a,a,,d7 dbssIIIII88888JJ llU,diil7 77,47 d887 b, 7i IISIIII888JJJ lUiiil7 a l dib a..,+ a A, ,a ii I.IIIII8888JJJ :Iiilb laab,8..sss, b .ll ,a,IIII8888JJJJJ :IY illb.b7.b,.Tli b i IIII888888JJJJ ii i7ik8,T lb il .i I P IIIII8888888JJJ .l b ll.,i ,dP.,.,7g, 7 Ib .d IIII8888888J ,i:.,dI,l dSg7d7b ,fSd III8888888JJJJJaaooooooii,,,,,,,,i,,i,,,,aa.......ssssssssssssssssssJJJII888888JJJlllliiiiiillJJJJi n f e s t a t i o n88888JJJIIII8888888JJJJJJJllliiiilllJJJJJJ+ o , c o m a t o s eJJJIIIIIIIIIIIIiilIIII.hey wow.. its infestation, run by the awesome vga fuel artist, comatose..
its kind of a trade for some gif for my board but i dont think ill ever
be able to use his pic.. oh well.. i hope he likes it.. ok, greetz to ascii,
ansi, fuel, fire and gaysex
oh wait, woops.. cross off fire from that list.. those people are QuEeR..
just kidding.. HEY JUST KIDDING.. oh and a personal big shot out to pro.. and
remorse and.. odelay and serial and all those reet people who join ansi and
every 5 min have an automessage saying : Someone want to do an nfo for a small
warez group that is rapidly expanding? in mirc colors.. wait no, they are gay