Fuel Hi Resolutions Info File by Burps and aOh
Fuel Hi Resolutions Info File by Burps and aOh
introduction Hey..youre looking at the infofile from fuel11 hi resolutions.
Welcome to the first fuel hirez pack.. I guess you decided to check our
pack out huh? good because this department is going to rock, as you can
see this is our first vga hi resolution pack since 11 ansi lo resolution
packs we supplied to your puter since 1994. We gathered all the vga we
got from the members, some members couldnt release in the pack
because of short time, expect to see them in the next pack. Due to the
fact that this pack is new we are seeking for new talent..
We would like to thank our guest apperances for guesting in the first
pack to promote the pack. Thanks to Jna and Tiny 3d.
Make sure to check the fuel ansi packs for some quality lo rez graphics.
..The staff: Angel of Hell, Night Daemon, The Knight, Wix.
out: none.
reasons: hey cool it, its the first pack!
in: everyone.
reasons: yeah, everyone is new..
hq site policy
we dont need your board to support us...stop asking..sites are
merely a prestige thing...so stop fucking asking...we only hand out
sites to ppl we know, trust, like, and of which were sure theyre
up and running...members automatically get a site if they run a board.
no exceptions...
applying to fuel applying can be done in various ways for your own convenience. talk to one of the organizers in fuel burps,thrashie or Teakay, leave a msg on our bot gasoline, call our whq trauma +32-16-620922 or write an email to one of the organizers. when applying, allways include at least 3 pictures of your previous work that represent your skills best. we are especially looking for more dedicated ansi or ascii artists, but vga guys are welcome too. another way of applying is writing email to the fuel mailing list, so all members of fuel can judge your work. just write to fuel@ansi-art.org if youre not too shy about your work :
for vga applications you can apply as above or email:
vgapp@ansi-art.org, aoh@ansi-art.org, ndaemon@main.aquanet.co.il.
merging with fuel is out of the question, unless you merge *into* fuel, and dont bitch about who gets what position ..
greetings to the artgroups we respect fade echo teklordz twilight ice ovation dark blend
acid codine mean scheme black maiden awe force ega maiden acid!ansi phat blade fire polyester p301 fusion rile lazarus blender . tpy shade eclipse
and the demo/mag crews we admire purge psychic link imphobia legend design klf valhalla antares pulse cubic team
infofile by the aOh fuel - 03-01-97
art layout by burps fuel
- eof -