Dank Mickey by The Knight
Dank Mickey by The Knight
presents a fUEL ansi in hicolor watching this ansi can be hazardous to dont overreact your health...ripping it will be fatal. wh00p!tis just an ansi ...
oh@!??! hey boss, me thinks were in the wrong pic!
theres a crack in the sky!
n k d a - cut here - - - ------- ----------------------------------------8--------
. DANK ..
great quality artboard blahblah
+o spear
+ dunno who
+ dunno either
site for these splendid groups..blabhlah.
this could be a good place to put all those wonderfull groups your board
supports, spear eg... just cut the carrot and the cheeze off
- cut here - - - ------- ----------------------------------------8--------
guess what... Im actually happy about the way this pic turned out...ha..
greets to all ppl I respect..you know who you are.....if you dont then
theres really no reason to greet you anyway...
ah yeah, this ones for the record, all colored blocks appearing in this
ansi are original tk work.. and another one for the record - I AM NOT
tk from acid dambit!...if theres one that should change his nick it is
definatly not me coz I carry mine since 1991..wh00p.. that will be all
you may proceed now... .. the knight out ..