#INFO# Newsletter for 12/96 by Senior Staff
#INFO# Newsletter for 12/96 by Senior Staff
The Night Angel Fire Ansi
Fire news for December 1996
im the man :
Back in the swing of things once more, my friends! I decided this month
to try to return to my old, more dictatorial ways of running fire. After
taking a good hard look at the organization of the group, it was apparent
that things had gotten way too beurocratic and big, and some downsizing
was in order. To facilitate this, Radiance, FireWEB, and Fire Coding have
all been eliminated as seperate divisions. While well still have coding
and Web design as part of Fire, they will no longer be distinct entities.
God Among Lice will continue his excellent work as head of Fire Hi-Rez,
and Fire ascii is now being helmed by Victim, formerly known as
Econochrist. Fire ascii did not release this month, as the changes we made
to the SS didnt happen in time to get everything organized. Expect some
nice work from them next month!
Fire ANSI really did some nice teamwork this month. While there are no
overly huge or especially groundbreaking pieces in this months compilation, there are many very nice, solidly drawn logos and small pics. We also had
more of the memberlist drawing percentage wise than any month in the past
year. Working together, guys, we really can dominate. I removed some
members from the ANSI list this month for inactivity, one or two for
quality purposes and one or two because they up and quit. Grindking!
What the hell are you doing, you wank? : Solidarity is the key!
Fire ANSI welcomes oned and The Night Angel to the Fire fold this month.
Neither of them need much of an introduction, as their reputation for
turning out exceptional work is well known. All Hail the Golden Bees!
In other news, the Regencys FTP site has changed Daemons, so anyone who
had problems accessing it in the past from programs like Netscape and
CuteFTP should be able to use the site now without mishap. All Fire
members need the Fire private login info, so contact me if you dont
have it.
Finally, Fire does not release a January pack. Our next combustion will
appear on or around February Second, 1997. See you next year! BTW: were
only 1 day late this month!
- Halaster Fire President
what if god were one of us? :
Ahhh, another fire pack and another hirez update. This month, we welcome
the big three-three, eerie, to the hirez gang. Eerie surprised me this
month with some unexpected vga artwork, and we are happy to have him in
our company. Like a few other fire members, eerie has decided to dabble
in some vga while still pursuing his native ansi medium. Were sorry for
not having any work from gig or fathom this month. Both had some neat
stuff for the pack, but gig had some problems with his internet account
and fathom... well, who knows. : Making up for this, Winbee is his
usual spectacular self, and the always prolific Solarpunk gives us plenty
of his intriguing photomanip work to look at. And of course theres 33
and me, too. :
In an unrelated note, fire has recently formed its own quake clan. This
clan is generally for fire members, alumni, and friends. Were not
terribly organized and we dont really do much clan competition, but this
may change as soon as iCE gets its clan up and running. : Our web page
is at http://faraday.clas.virginia.edu/bps6p/clanfire.htm. As of right
now, theres nothing much to look at, but there will be in the future.
Anyone interested in joining should email me at bps6p@virginia.edu.
Have a happy holiday, and Ill see you in February.
-God among Lice, fire hirez guy.
a few words from texty :
Competition between groups, the art process and some other related topics.
Today, Im turning 20.
What does that has to do with the scene? Well. Yesterday I was
thinking about my whole life. I was saying things like ohmygod, Im becomin
motherfucking OLD!@ and such stupidities one is coming up with when passing
another decade. : Then I came to think to my situation in the scene, which
is a big part of my life since 3 years. I was reading messages on The
Regency, Halaster and others saying that the people in the scene were lazy an
so and so. That iCE and ACiD arent what they used to be. I think Dieznyik
covered the ground on this issue in the last superflu. Thats exactly what I
wanted to say before.
But then I came to think it up again. Whats the matter? Trying to
release the best art pack one could possibly imagine. Thats a noble cause.
tee hee What I dont like about this thing though, is all the idea of
competition in the scene. Before, I thought that it was useful to motivate
people, and it did exactly that. But to fit in this competitivety, one must
sacrifice him/herself to the group. I Really dont like that idea. When I
decided to join back Mistigris, the first group that gave me a chance, and
continue dualing with Fire, Halaster wasnt very happy, and I can understand
him. He probably feels like HE is loosing some part of his big toy, that now big thing we name Fire. Oh yeah, maybe hes got some feelings for me,
perhaps he even considers me a friend. But if it is the case, I think that
should go over our group allegiances. I think about it, and our relation
didnt really change. But then again, Im still pumping the ansi :
Thats something I want to talk about too. The actual art process.
I think that you, yes you, that person actually reading this article, doesnt
draw enough. You could be anybody in the scene -- I think I have seen no one
in the last 6 months, come up with *two* quality pics in one month. What does that mean? Is there a minimum of art one should produce to be considered
active? Of course not. Its only a symptom. Back then, 2 years ago, I
remember when the almighty eerie of my areacode how lucky I was to call the
Toaster everyday! released over 10 pics in one month with Relic. I remember
when Lord Jazz now oned was constantly releasing his 2-3 pics every month.
I remember Aphex Twin.. But thats enough. What I can see now is a bunch of
non-drawing people. What do they do? What do I do, me, that motherfucker
that is telling others to draw? It seems we all hang out on IRC. No, its
not ACiD being too feeble of an opponent for iCE. I honestly think that if we needed competition to draw more, Fire, at this moment, would be more than a
potent challenger to iCEs so-called superiority, thus motivating us to draw.
I looked at this months iCE9611?.ZIP pack and I thought that we at Fire
could easily kick their ass. I hope we do : Back on topic. So, you are on
IRC. What do you do there? Pratically nothing. Admit it, it is pretty
pathetic. Not that I want people to stop IRCing! Its a great tool for
communication and helps alot when making up the packs. But most of the time,
many of you are idle and try to find something to say. Someone enters the
channel, you greet him, some conversation begins, but then immediatly fades
away because the only thing in common youve got with that guy is that he
draws ansi and you do too, and that youre trading stuff with him.
That sucks.
But more on that later. Now I want to talk about the actual art
process, the creation of the Holy Something. No, this wont be a Dont rip
comics! type rant, because I think there is not enough people in the scene
that can draw on their own. Well, maybe some more can in the VGA field, but
then again, they are not doing ansi. What I wonder about is why did people
stop drawing pics? I think it is fun, as I still do them. I think people
forgot how to have fun when drawing. That is the whole thing. If youre
bored to tears when you draw, please do me a favor, quit this motherfucking
scene just right now! This is about drawing. This is not about getting ads
for your board, even if you can get some along the way. This is not about
being the best group of what remains of the century. This is not about
getting the best reviews. This is about fun. Yeah, you still can have alot
of fun on IRC. But I think this scene is primordially oriented towards the
actual creation of ART. Right? I think that right now, after viewing this
pack, after you have said wow, those guys are amazing!, you will have some
inspiration. You will quit PyroView cheap plug, I use TribeView anyway :,
load acid/cia/the/pablo draw and try to create some piece of art upon that.
That is what motivated me in the first place, what made me join the scene.
Load up that goddamned 50-line-maximum copy of TheDraw and try to better
myself. Personnal accomplishment. I wanted to break the barrier of ansi.
That is still what drives me: I hope that is what will drive you in the
months, years to come. Break the barrier of Yourself, draw ansi. :
-LExtrmiste... 96/12/09
word out :
Happy New Year, even to those wanks at Blade. - hal