Font Colly 5 by Panacea
Font Colly 5 by Panacea
I really havent drawn much ansi the last few months.
And I dont feel that bad about it, either. But dont
worry, I didnt find anything better to do. I didnt
get a girlfriend, or have my parents take away my
computer or anything like that. I didnt even leave
the scene. I got quake.. Yep, registered quake. I
play it all day long, night and day, 24 hours at
a time. You really should play too.. netquake.
Use, Method Man plays there too. The
last picture thing is part of the next ansi I will
release, prolly in 1-3 months.
digital entrophy
It like gets stuff stuck in it real easily -God among Lice
- a peice of -
panaceas next
- ansi?! -
tew huhndreh ahn sevehntay-eigh greehts flayh ouh toh:
absolute zero, acidic soap, acidjazz, agent 77, akirarat, anarchist,
anarchy, aneurysm, annihilatus, aoh, aphid twix, apocalypse, aquis,
argon, armageddon donut, arzach, azagoth, back bone, basehead, bigge
pif, bisounours, black knight, black viper, blank, blatz, blazer,
broken spirit, burnout, buzz, c. c. catch, cardiac arrest, carnifex,
cash, cavalier, ceedee, cellophane nightmare, chaotic evil, cheese
grater, chromatik, cidica, citizen blue, clorox cowboy, corinthian,
cosmic catalyst, creeping death, cyber x, cyndicide, daddy mac, the
dark side, the dark aggressor, david tym, deaccession, deep, deeply
disturbed, devastator, devious, digital interface, discyple,
distillusion, dr. death, donut hole, dragoon kain, drone-fly,
dystro, eerie, eggy, egoteq, elastic, the emporer, empty, enigma,
enigmatic, epitaph, eporue, epoxy, erratic, essential obscenity,
ever, ewheat, the extremist, extriate, fathom, final descendant,
force ten, forge, the 4th disciple, flame fractal, fractal, friar
tuck, fury, future assassin, g. washington, gig, god among lice,
gloom, gman, grail, grindking, greater evil, the green hornet, grimm
apostle, grind king, the guardian, gunthar, halaster, heat, hektic,
hennifer, hfaze, holocause, hornet, horrid nature, humanoid,
hysterik, icepick, idrosynth, ill vybe, inner vision, iodine,
isosceles, ize, jack daniels, jae / toon goon, jamie mccarter, jay,
john doe, joker, juice, kabal-13, kadaver, kamikaze, kargus,
kerplunk, kiwidog, ktulu, kyo, lord black heart, legoblox, lemonade,
lintec, loloc, lord cracker, lord soth, lucid, mass delusion, maeve
wolf, mage, magnetic m, mantis, the mask, mass delusion, mass
murderer, mastermind, mavrik, maxwell, megalith, meleneth, mellow-D,
mighty mouse, mind bender, mister madness, mister sandman, moby,
modeus khahn, mosiac, mister e., nail, nardo, natex, necros,
nemesis, neophytal, neurotic, newman, nosegos, nixus, nyt, ogre,
omi, overboard, oxygene, pariah, parasite, pH, phantom lord, phlux,
phorcep, pinguino, piromaniak, pixel pusher, point, polymorph,
pooka, prison breaker, prisoner 1, proddy, professa booty,
psionide, pubert, purple dye, radman, raider, rainmaker, rare
delusion, red star, redman, remorse, renderbrandt, ringmaster, rogue
leader, the rza, salmon, samurai, sargon, sarkazm, savage dragon,
scooter, seige, skatter, skyline, skypager, shadow hunter, shiva,
silver rat, silverthorn, sinister x, sniper, snake grunger,
solarpunk, sole trip, sommes, soul assassin, spear, spirit of
illusion, spitfire, splint, spook, sprite, squidgalator2, stalker,
stile, stolen faith, stone the crow, sudden impact, surreal logic,
tayx, telstar, tempus thales, tetanus, thclOne, time killer,
titleix, tonedef, ts, tribal siege, trip, twilight serenity,
underling, une, unsane, vade79, vagrant, venom, vesalius, viral
overlord, warpus, wendel, white raven, widowmaker, winbee, wix,
wyvern, xten, xypher matryx, yggdrasil, zod, and zoltar.
... and all sorted by hand.
because i care so much about each one of them
see you next month! -panacea