Attention! by Panacea
Attention! by Panacea
---this is a test of a line, if this were an actual line it would be solid---
---this is a test of a line, if this were an actual line it would be solid---
ATTENTION! heheh.. uhm.. well this is sorta something for my board.
itd be pretty funny for a board name tho, ATTENTION! Just plain
attention.. no short attention span or any crap buffering it.. just
ATTENTION! but really its purpose is to be a header for an everchanging
news bulletin, that would announce shit like purging and donation
requests. its flexible.. thats why i made it.
now i guess you are wondering who the fuck i am. well.. im a 42 year old
peanut farmer from alaska. after realizing that peanuts didnt grow in
alaska, i became quite depressed and killed myself. so now i am actually
a reincarnated soul in a guy that just joined fire! he likes fire.. cause
eerie is in it.. he likes eerie. he thinks eerie is cool and 36+22 or
something like that, but what do i know? i am just a late peanut farmer
from alaska.
i used to be in rulers of chaos hey thats srats group! .. well i guess
i still am but my best stuff will go to FiRE and the stuff that im not quite
as happy with will go to roc. hopefully 1-2 ansis will go to each per month.
if you are dissatisfied with the amount of ansis i am submitting to fire this
month i joined about 16 hours before this pack went out then look at rocs
november 1995 pack when its released. srat is lazy or something.. he said
he would release it like last year but i dunno.. hes just some movie theatre
clerk now, who cares about the scene when you work around buttered popcorn
all day. thats prolly what orville redinbacher is saying right now
ok.. well thats all. look at my other ansi pn-a1s1.ans too.