Fire 11/94 Newsletter by Senior Staff
Fire 11/94 Newsletter by Senior Staff
Hello all.. its that time of the month again bad phraseology : .
Yup, its time for the fire pack! w0o0o0o0o! To start things off, DH
and I would like to welcome our newest members.. a big hi goes out to
Midget Farmer, who wont be doing all that much, and to The Lite, who
bolsters our already-strong .RIP department. On a less jubilant note,
the entire staff of Fire would like to say goodbye to Farbekreig. Yup,
ole Farb has decided to go out and get a life. Sucks for us, but,
honestly, I cant blaim him. :
As you may have seen, there are no groundbreaking additions to pyro-
view this month. Wintermute did, however, manage to remove almost all
of the bugs that infested some of the previous versions. Enjoy.
Regarding site apps: if you want to be a fire site, do not call The
Flying Donuts. Call the Regency. Im around a good bit more than DH is
and can answer your questions more quickly. My board also looks better.
: As actual sites go, Fire would like to welcome Eeries Sarcastic
Toaster as a distro site. If you live in Canada, and want to get a hold
of your latest dose of fire madness, call there, its cheaper.
No members really stood out as dominating the pack this month. I
think that its the most well-rounded pack to date. A big congrats to
everyone on such a great job.
Welp, thats really it. Go look at the pack. Remember, PV has no .RIP
support, so bust out with acidview or something.. Phusion, Shaolin and
The Lite turned in some really cool stuff.
Later people,
HalasterFire Senior.Relic.TCE
Halaster sends greetz to the following -
Talen: You suck. Draw .RIPs!
Donut Hole: are you EVER not doing homework? Stop yelling kundai
at parkside.. itll get you killed. :
Sir Freaksalot: Jobs must really suck. Take some time off to play
midnight football one of these weekends.
Wintermute: Hit my mouth again and Ill drop ya. :
Jello: Union. hehehe. The character!
Malcolm: Youre a good ansi editor. Ill be up in NJ ASAP.
Matt: 976-HOT-SEXX :
Relic People: You guys all rock, Im glad to join the crue.
Eerie: Can I have ANOTHER ascii? Site? Net? Full Pic? .BIN? : :
P1: Welcome to da Regency staff. Good luck with Union.
Farb: heh.. another senseless greet.
Flood: Tetsuooooooooooooooooooooo! Kanedaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Ktulu: 640*480, sucka. By next month. :
Phusion: Get a damn computer, dammit!
Silence: Keep working on those pics. Itll come around.
All the other Fire punks: recruit! recruit!
Donut Hole sends greetz to the following -
HalASTer: Yay... our fifth pack!
Shrapnel: Basketballaria is coolaria.
Farbekrieg: Come back! Dont leave us! :
Ktulu: I hope OMF modem patch comes out... :
Epitaph: Uh, I hate Mrs. Schernacoughuppuke.
Eel: UHhhhh... Geki!
Sir Freaksalot: Yo Fro, get some VGAs done...
All homeyz in Fire: Keep up the good work! Sorry about my laziness!: