just stuff... by clorox cowboy
just stuff... by clorox cowboy
clorox cowboy / fire
check out my shit.. it shur does stink..
anyway.. here is my contribution to the fire pack I wasnt able to put together a decent long ansi
due to the fact that Im a grad student, and
have no time to sit and put little colored
blocks together... some of this stuff I did
nifty awhile ago, but never released.. hope ya like it
colored if you want something from me, be prepared
blocks to offer me something nice...
heres a neeto little stat screen I did for SinisterX... I think it rules..
notice the lord jazz-ish font..
stuff goes here
and here...
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------heres a 23-liner I did for my own board... dunno what Im gonna use it for, but
heck, its one less 23-liner I have to beg from someone.. :
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------here are a few goobers I did.. if you look closely, you will notice a slight
resemblence between the two.. : heck, I even used the goober smile for my sig..
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------heres a stat screen I did for my board... I like the leeto fishy.. even tho
it bares a slight resemblence to homer simpson..
your eleeto stats...
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------here is a logo I did for my board... i think it looks rather neet..
the globe
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------well there it is.. thats all I could accomplish in a months time.. check for
more stuff next month.. Ill try to do more.. :