#info# 08/97 Fire news by Fire staff
#info# 08/97 Fire news by Fire staff
. v9- f1RE.gRAPHICS
..:: force disruption ...
Hello. First thing you might be wondering about is why were releasing
fire0897.zip in September. The fact is that we did not have many
artists available during August to provide us with artwork, for a
wide variety of reasons vacation, work, laziness, etc.. We felt it
would be better to wait a month for each of our members to return from
their brief hiatus and release a great pack in typical fire fashion
than it would be to release a very small pack of questionable quality.
As for our current release schedule, we will be releasing each months
pack at the beginning of the following month, iCE-style. We will be
able to get back to our normal releasing pattern at the beginning of
the year, because fire normally skips the month of January. We simply
wont skip January this winter, and thus will still be releasing our
normal 11 packs per year.
Next month will be fires 30th pack release, so to mark the occasion
we plan to have a number of guest artists releasing with us, maybe
some nifty coded things, and just all around cool stuff. Oh yea, and
well draw real good too, so dont miss it.
Our ascii division is taking a short break while some last-minute
things can be worked out. They WILL be returning for the 30th fire
pack, however, and in full force, mind you. :
..:: wired and wacation ...
... first of all, another european party-competition set aflame, noize
made first place at wired97... some of you may have read the fuel news
in their pack 15 but as burps already apologized for the bullshit he
wrote, theres no further need to talk about it...
... then ...
to make it short most of fires artists didnt bother to draw during
summer vacation and so only a few guys submitted some stuff, fortunately this changed in the last few days prior to the new scheduled release of this pack so we can happily present you another bunch of high quality
ansi... yes, the fires still burning, we give a shit about rumours...
finally we added two more guys to our list of krad ansi artists, namely
anubis from the down under group The Force joined up with us, look out
for his pics in one of the next packs, hes definetly a nice addition
to the group... and finally our very own kyo decided to try ANSI, too
and surprises us with a nice anime matrix, hope hell continue his
ansi explorations...
- nail
..:: Very Good Anglers ...
Our hirez artists made good use of the month break and managed to get
some serious drawing in during that time. Im impressed all around
the board, and I just realized how much I enjoy dealing with our
mid-sized core of talented artists. We have the right people here to
release a top-notch collection of vga, and yet not have that quality
seem less of an accomplishment because of the sheer volume of artists
in the group, like some of the other top vga groups currently around.
As for member happenings, Buzz is officially not in fire now, if I
never mentioned it before. Releasing with us this month as a guest
artist who likely will be officially joining soon is Diaspora. He
is a photographer. Im trying to think of another straight photographer somewhere in the scene, but it seems that Diaspora would be the first.
Photography may seem alien to scenesters, but I think its important
that we begin opening up to other forms of art, and I hope Diaspora can
become the proverbial foot in the door to open the scene to others like
him, and vice versa.
Open your mind for once.
-god among lice
..:: Closing? Fires open 24 hours, baby.
I promised Warpus Id mention Blender in the fire news, so its going
here. : The Blender is great. Its fun, it promotes just the right
kind of friendly group competition, and it gets people working together
through joints. Its a great team-building excercise, and I urge all
fire members to give it a try if you havent already. As far as I know, Blender is occurring on Sundays now instead of Wednesdays, so get in
blender some week with a buddy or two from the same group and have some fun. Thats an order. For more info, the blender web page can be
found at http://blender.ml.org.
-god among lice