Logo Colly 0896 by point blank
Logo Colly 0896 by point blank
-- fire
: ggS
.. .. .. well, this is my first official ascii colly, and
:: p :::: b my first official ascii release with a group other
ii iiyii .. than my own. if you would like an ascii by me, you
TT 88TT :: can usually find me in irc, in channels fire or
88 , 88 ii ansi. greets go out to: tsk: salt and vinegar!!!
*S* 88 pinguino: hes not dead?!, s5: one hundred dollars
. S , and skatter: it is real.
point blank --
ssssS s..ss S* c S* S* i S* a S* ss..s Ssss
----------------- *SSggSS* S* SD* --------------
se. sSs
s.D. .Se
e a
.e@@s. .ea .s@s. e .ss
. .: s s . .s@s. s
: a .. e s s
. ,sSSs. : pb?! ,sSSs.
Ss. ,S S. ,S .S. e
e e ss s. ,
. ,S *SgS* *SgS*.* e *SgS* ss.*SgS*
H sEs. se. sSs
s.D. .Se
.,e s. e a
* .e@@s. .ea .s@s.
: a
gggSSs gggSg ggg gggSg
gggg ** g
g , g , g , g ,
+..+ pbfire --
. gggg gggg
.+. g gg. ggg gggSg gggS
gggg y
. y .t!, .h!, y .U!, ,+
gg gg gg Sg.
+ y + y + + y +
,sS + ,sS + y ,sS ,sS + ,sS
y y y ,sS y y ,sS y
g ,y g , g , yg ,
yS* y S* y y
-- black thursday