Carebear Spirit #3 by Bisounours
Carebear Spirit #3 by Bisounours
je serai sans pareil
pour faire lever le soleil
lesprit bisounours 3
drawn for cataclysms non fiction. hey cat, wheres my logo?
ansi for adrenalin demo atari falcon
this is part of the 666 pulse and dune logos trade with phlare.
to be used in a warm inside demo at the 3S2 party in france
w a r m
i traded this one with mogel who made me a cool dune logo
i lub you too
opped by eerie-kun and mogel. samsara galaxy hq. undergrown universe hq.
i love samsara. its my favorite group. fire is not a group, its just a big
family bv! i miss you