Hello all. This is Donut Hole and Vendetta, presenting you with yet
another pack of FiRE. Since last month, FiRE has made a quite a big jump. We
tripled the number of the members and the quality/quantity of our pack, and
needless to say, all of us have some potential.
Because its summer time, most of us have been on vacations, and thus
the delay of the pack. Halaster, Epitaph, and Donut Hole have been going out
of town for days, right when the pack was supposed to be out! : Maybe when
summer ends, well be more organized, but then again, maybe not.
If you havent noticed in the member listings, Vagrant was kicked out
of FiRE for various reasons. For one thing, he acted as if he was the head
of FiRE, telling people what to do and what not to do. I personally think
he needs to set his ego straight. Another reason why he was kicked out was
cuz we decided to trash the text department. No one ever read them, and we
thought they were a waste of time.
Oh, and dont forget to check out the mod by Shrapnel and the VGAs
by Sir Freaksalot. The mod is great, and so are the VGAs. Give some slack
on Sir Freaks... he just started VGAs. And if Epitaph finds a MID to MOD
converter, well have another fine musician. Yippie!
Bake at 400 for 15 minutes. Stir, and enjoy.
Donut Hole
-FiRE Senior Staffs