Disembodied Voices by Radical
Disembodied Voices by Radical
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d disembodied voices.
. . operated by cardiac arrest.
ofcourse this will be
b the ultimate place to include
b d some stats of the board.
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bs. .sdPd unfortunately, i never called
b card, so i dont know any. d
100 original artwork b do it yourself bro
by radiCal. . d
b .s are dee el.
.- cut here goddamnit ------------------------- remember: its art, no feeling. godverdommij. are dee el. proud member of fadeDESIGN, fire productions and fuel.
this is my first monoscale ascii. and actually, it turned out better
than what i had in mind. prices for asciis like this are only 5.
or trade with me for another pic. mail me at radical@cryogen.com.
techniques aint important. originality is. -radical, 1997.
: this is a 100 original piece, drawn on paper with a pencil, ascii-ed
using aciddraw 1.20 we want a new aciddraw! as exactly 100 lines.
at least i do