House of the Holy by psyberrape
House of the Holy by psyberrape
warning: explicit content show
On a night where the moon had gone dark...
A N D . . .
Once upon a nightmare lived a man of many faces. Each face had, within itself, stories of countless disgraces. These faces kept him disfigured And always deprived him of glee. One of these faces was Mercy, And she set him free. -psybah-
. x X X h o u s e o f t h e h o l y X X x . . x X X s y s o p : b i g g e p i f X X x . . x X X ansi by psyberrape fire X X x .
all psyberrape ansis are 100 original
please draw ansis for a huge thanks to
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o r i g i n a l
whew! overall, about 20 hours of drawing, redrawing, whatever. i just wanna
go to bed... if thats possible : its been nearly 4 months since i started
this son of a bitch, lost it for about 2... finally i found someone who still
had an unfinished copy thanks S5!!. I had to redraw a lot, as the copy S5
had was WAY outdated. anyhow, this is my first real pic in about a year, not
including several 24 liners and fonts/logos/minipics. this was going to be
my farewell to the ansi scene pic, but i decided to stick around. and
besides, i owe this one to bigge pif because i stiffed him out of a logo trade over a year ago im guessing. thanks for viewing this pic, and the fire
-psyberrape fire
p.s. if you would like an ansi from me, find me on irc, reach me on any good
214/817 boards, or email me at although i try to fill
all requests, i get too many to accept every single one. if you are
willing to trade i will make your request a priority. dont offer cash,
i do this for fun. if i wanted money i would get a job! :
greets to:
borian - ill miss ya bud. need to party :
samnesia - good luck with decades, the first pack rocked! :
fractal - hello. :
mass delusion - thanks for the advice back in union, you were a great help.
cool guy - keep drawing, youre on a rampage! :
ewheat - hello my friend :
obsid - mail me a beaver.
snake - youve been a pal for a long time. lets play Quake soon :