Intel--The Furnace Inside.
New from Intel - The Pentiumtm Space Heater, 799.95!
Pentium computer Housing with central heating built in.
Intel--The computer outside.
The newest accessory for your PentiumR: a gallon of PrestoneR!
Pentium is a CHU Central HEATING Unit!
Pentium Defined: Umpteenth generation of the 4004!
Pentium Defined: A CPU chip aspiring to be a blast furnace.
Yep, the Pentium is the hottest thing going! I just burnt myself on one!
Youve got a power source inside-Intel BZZT! Thats HEAT source!
The Pentium gives programs new spark!-Intel. And burn your system?
You dont need a power-on light for a Pentium! It glows!
Pentium Laptop Defined: Impossible.
The Pentium does anything you ask of it.-Intel Except cool itself.
Pentium breathes new life into programs Can you say Firestorm?
Yep, the Pentium is the hottest thing out there! Mine caught on fire!
Yep, the Pentium is one hot chip! So hot, it raised a blister!
What does the Pentium give you? Third-degree burns!
What does the Pentium give you no other chip does? Blisters!
How do you tell that a Pentium is the hottest thing? Use a thermometer!