Neosporin by Halaster
Neosporin by Halaster
f i r e 1 9 9 7
she wants some of cerebus scotch?
but ... shes drinking wine.
HAND. shes waving her hand ... shes ...
shes LEAVING! nay. nay. nay.
hand. CEREBUS hand! * SHE WANTS ...
good guess! aye! aye! aye! lets go upSTAIRS aye! NAY aye!
? but .. ? if cerebus asks her to go upstairs, shell know
cerebus was thinking abour her BREASTS!
its so nice being here ... with you ... cerebus forgot
all about your breasts nay nay nay
you have a good GRIP! nay. nay. nay.
cerebus was also thinking its nice being upstairs with you, too!
nay nay nay cerebus was also thinking th
why dont we finish our drinks
at you hav !?!!
hal ansi + deeply font neosporin