Savage Exile by twoxfh / grimlock
Savage Exile by twoxfh / grimlock
Greets go out to... a joint
GHENGIS, lordsloth, mage, Grimlock and
teakay, Asoap, SG, Wenslinga Fire from Heaven
Bessmertny, Corn, Nroc,
Somms, Ever, Iodine, IQ,
DF, Heatwave, Questor,
The FuelBoys, and all the
people who made up Legend
and Int..
Savage Exile!
A Legacy has Returned
Sysops : Critical Illusion, Acidic Soapdark
2 Blazing Fast 33.6 USRs, 4.2 Gigs Online . Modded Obv/2 Setup
escapenet WHQ . kitsch net . speed net . lab net . depth net
twilight chq . lazarus distro . mist underground hq . dark member
cia spam hq . echo member board . blender support . mound chq
pyro net .focus distro
905 891 2544 . Always Looking For Nets/Affils . 905 891 5071
Ansi by: Grimlock of Twilight Fire From Heaven of Fire