Vagina by Panacea
Vagina by Panacea
warning: explicit content show
p a n a c e a o f f i r e a n d r o c
a n d
t h e r z a , f o r m a l l y o f r o c
p r e s e n t a
a n d
p r o d u c t i o n . . .
monthly hello to the masses....
aight.. well this ansi is for lord soths emag. hence the content.
technically, this is pretty much just panaceas work, its rather complex.
see, I have this logo.. the one at the top.. and since *i* think roc will
die in the next two weeks, i needed to use the logo up before it was useless.
all rza really did was dazzle up the red-grey background behind the chick
a really long time ago in a pic we were doing that never got finished.
and now that rza has left the scene for a couple months, i kinda wanted to
get that shit out before i forgot about it.
i hope you like my shit this month in fire... yes, I do have everything.
rips ... vgas ... ansis ... asciis ... logos ... and worthless text!
god among lice was saying that im prolly quite a unique individual since
im doing this, because not all that many people release one of everything.
greets: raw toxic, lgiocde, p1, hal, srat, loi, eweat, eerie, silent killer
mighty mouse, and katherine in arms. greeting the chicks in p0rn!