Birdhouse Projekts by Prisoner#1
Birdhouse Projekts by Prisoner#1
With the command of Life, I sprang from the di
rt of Eden,
feeling the enormity of the
Creators might all around me.
...And Lilith Adams first wife gave birth to the
Lilim, the children of
Lilith who have haunted the nights of the sons of Adam e
ver since. Mother
to so many, then and now...
Birdhouse Proj
Awp: Shaolin
Co: Tical
240+ lines
Ansi by Prisoner1
Pic ripped damn near directly from Vampirella
0 Original
0, page 12. Additional text from
tear here
hey hey hey, sup Shaolin... me and you go way wAY baCK, so
I made you a good
ansi for your board. Force Ten,furry? Nootro
pic, I like having your opinion
but its a comic rip, I dont care if i
t looks like that... Radman, sorry
no hand in this one. Betrayer, I still hate your ad. The
Guardian, hey man,
whats not to like about a group that kicked out 140 member
s in 6 months.
Neurotic, Im going to boot you out of the Fire Le
gend Division. Mop is still
cool, but are you going to release?
LSD quit drugs, join the klan, niggah...
er.. join Gallant.. wait..what IS the n
ame? Halaster, are you calling me
goofy? BTJ, Gumby? do you mean Gumby? Who the hell
is Gumby? kHz never-
mind.. that ascii... a pox on your firs
t born for that ascii. Donut Hole,
where are you?! And one last thing that goes out to a spec
ial kind of guy..
Hey, Snakegrunger, you may be strong enouCh for acid, but a
re you strong enouCh
for Fire? hehe, just boltzing ya a lit
If you see any mistakes in this ansi, then friggin live wi
th it. Latitudes.