fire #38 info by nail
fire #38 info by nail
Summer moved on... 38 November, 2023
But it was one hell of a summer.
After 27 years, God Among Lice and I finally had the chance to meet for
a beer, talk about memories of our shared history, life in general, and
make plans for the inevitable Fire World Domination.
Zir made 2nd place in the July Blender. Savage had the winning entry in
the works, but got side-tracked and never submitted it. With a bit of
luck, youll still get to see it in a future pack.
We heavily supported the annual ANSI competition at Evoke by submitting
over a third of the entries, occupying places 3-6, 9, 11 and 16. Again,
Savage had an entry in the works and... well, lets say it didnt make
it either. Are we sensing a pattern?
The man has so much stuff in the works, its about time he finishes some
of it. Except, Mrs. Savage just recently gave him a pretty decent
excuse to concentrate on something other than his ANSI works by giving
birth to Luka and Tommy. Welcome, boys! Be nice to daddy and let him
draw on occasion, so I dont have to fuss at him.
Not to be outdone by Savage, Tainted then decided not to hand in a killer
piece to the Demosplash competition. But at least that one made it into
the pack.
Doesnt look like World Domination to you? Thats alright. Hang on to
that sense of security for a little while. Im sure youll figure it out
soon enough.
Releasing with us as a guest this time is Holocaust, who used to run
with Dark back in the olden days, and was pointed in our direction by
Sixteen Colors social media curator, Misfit. Thanks for chosing us.
And thank YOU for checking out our new pack. Enjoy.
/nail, 2023-11-11