fire #37 info by nail
fire #37 info by nail
Whats been happening? 37 July, 2023
Everybodys been fucking busy.
In April, Necro brought home a first place win at this years Revision,
and Tainted and Zir scored some more Blender points for Fire, bringing
us closer to catching back up with Blocktronics in the somewhat
questionable Blender Hall of Fame Group Ranking. In general, in the
months since the last pack, despite the good weather and plenty of real
life issues being taken care of, Fire artists have once more delivered
in both, quantity and quality.
Some even had the time to donate some blocks to the recently released
Lazarus pack, which you should most definitely check out if you havent
already. Im not just saying that because it contains a familiar face
being featured in one of the pieces, even though I obviously appreciate
the gesture. Just like I did when Abstrakt submitted the ASCII piece of
that same face back in October last year. It just didnt feel right to
include it in the Fire packs, but with the esteemed competition running
with it, I was convinced that theres no reason why we shouldnt.
But despite praise for their art, I also have to point out Lazarus
rather despicable act of claiming unborn children. Warpus insists that
his lawyers have the necessary paperwork, but were more than prepared
to take this to court. The Fire law division assures me that a deal like
this requires the notarized signatures from both parents. Even though I
can see how Savage wouldve signed away his firstborns for a single date
with TK, just like she quickly shot down the proposition to name the
twins Randy and Sandy, Mrs. Savage would never agree to this.
Unlike the soon-to-be Mrs. Suppastar, I guess. All the best to her and
her future husband from the safety of 67 miles away.
So as I am enjoying the first big family vacation in four years back
over in the United States of America thanks, Covid, I realize that
this Fire pack is the first one to be packaged from this continent ever
since God Among Lice and I put a lid on the group with the much delayed
release of Fire 33 back in September of 1998, almost 25 years ago.
And after we missed our window in 1999 when he failed to inform me that
he was taking a trip to Europe with Cthulu and was going to attend Evoke
in Germany, it looks like well finally get a chance to meet in person
as family happens to bring both of us to the same State.
Fingers crossed.
Today also marks the 29th anniversary of the very first Fire pack.
Ive never personally dealt with the original founders Donut Hole and
Vendetta - Halaster had taken over with a firm grip on quality and lead
the group to general acclaim by the time I joined in August of 1996 -
but Im sure theyd be proud to see their little group releasing art
again after all this time.
While Im being nostalgic... the artist named Arrogance, probably best
known for his stint in Remorse, has recently returned to the world of
blocks or - in his case - numbers, letters and punctuation marks and
joined back up with the group hed already been a member of way back in
1996. Welcome back to Fire, Patrick.
And let this be a call to arms to all former Fire members:
Wherever you are, Mother Fire will welcome you back with open arms.
/nail, 2023-07-07