suicidal tendencies by zir
suicidal tendencies by zir
here i sit and watch my world come crumbling down i cry for help no ones
around silently screaming as i bang my head against the wall seems like no one
cares at all always an emotion but how could i explain kinda
like the scent of a rose but you cant explain the sam
e with my pain caught up in emotion goes over my head
sometimes i got to think to myself is this life or deat
h is this living or am i d ead the clock keeps ticking
but nothing else seems to change problems nev
er solved just rearranged and then i think ab
out all the times that iv had some were good
most were bad i search f or personality and
i look for things i ca nnot see love and p
pease flash through my mind pain and hat
e is all i find fi nd no hope in nothin
new and i never h ad a dream come true
lies and hate and agony through my eye
s thats all i se e if im gonna cry w
ill you wipe away my tears and if im
gonna die lord pl ease wipe away my
fear before i dro wn in sorrow well
i just wanna say: how will i laugh tom
morrow when i can t even smile today?
you think somethi ngs funny? well lau
gh at this. so wh en i look outside my
room i see the wo rld but not the reas
on what is done t o me is not fair you
call it fate i ca ll it treason but i
know not what to do gimme a sign
ill take wha tever but
if you want me here i
am aint gonna die
forever and i trie
d to h old you
but yo u just tur
ned aw ay and i t
ried to tell you b
ut not a word i
say cri ed out so
loudly but you just
covered your ears i g
ave you all the signsb
ut you ignored my tears
so if y ou want me here i
am i sithere waitg for you
decision but my body figh
ts my mind and it is
headed for a collision
so am i g etting near or am istill lookin
in all th ewrong places but the only thing that
seems to change are the l ooks on their faces..
doesnt anyon seems li ke noon
cares at all seems on
23 e cares at a ll see ms
like noone c ares at
all seems l ike no
cares at a ll see
ms like noone
i search for personality, i look for things i cannot see.
love and peace flash through my mind, pain and hate is all i find.
find no hope in nothing new, and i never had a dream come true.
lies and hate and agony, through my eyes thats all i see.
how will i laugh tomorrow, when i cant even smile today? -ST