fire #36 info by nail
fire #36 info by nail
Welcome to our new ANSI art pack. 36 March, 2023
This Fire pack is the newest compilation of stunning ANSI art pieces
that showcase our groups exceptional talent. The pack features a
diverse range of artwork, from sci-fi and horror-themed pieces to
classic and contemporary designs. Each piece was meticulously crafted
and is a testament to the creativity and dedication of the artists
behind them. Our team includes some of the most skilled ANSI artists
in the world, each with their own unique style and approach to creating
art. Whether you are a seasoned ANSI art enthusiast or a newcomer to
the scene, our art pack is sure to impress.
Well, at least thats how ChatGPT, the worlds most popular bullshit
creator, would phrase it. Clearly, were way more humble than that.
Even if its true.
It is, however, getting harder and harder to escape computer-generated
content like this.
Need to quickly write an essay or article about a topic you know
nothing about? Not a Problem as long as your target audience is just as
clueless as you are.
Finally, a porn movie starring your favorite actress.
The perfect royalty-free stock photography... but why does that lady
have twelve fingers, and whats that thing that almost looks like a
Getty Images watermark?
Cant wait for new art from your favorite artist? Generate one in their
style, for free, and take away their way of making a living.
Just like artists all over the world are struggling to come to terms
with the possibilities of images created by throwing a few choice words
against the wall that clever marketing people without any respect for
copyrights would have you believe is an Artificial Intelligence, our
small underground ANSI scene has not been spared. Over decades, weve
come to the mutual conclusion that programmatically converted ANSI
images are unacceptable. Yet here we are, with computer-generated and
converted images being included in what is considered an ANSI scene
release, and applauded by the VGANSI enthusiast and those unaware of
the process.
ANSI art is an endangered art form. It desperately needs to be
discovered by new artists that see potential in its limitations and,
more importantly, its unique aesthetic.
ANSI is not another way to draw pixel graphics to be viewed in a scaled-
down preview window. Its not the medium to gain internet fame for
your automated image generation process.
ANSI art is hand-crafted.
To be looked at in textmode.
With 16 colors.
With 16-pixels-high blocks.
With all of the glorious pixels of the dithering blocks visible.
Bold. Vibrant. Blocky.
Stepping off the soapbox...
mfs has fallen asleep four paragraphs ago because, once again, I have
failed to raise the entertainment factor by making up some weird shit.
You know whats always been weird though? That avg actually stands for
Avenging Angel. I mean, whos he trying to fool? Most of us have
known the guy long enough, and hes a lot... and I mean, A LOT, but hes
NOT an angel, avenging or otherwise.
Insert silly joke about me being constantly hammered and therefore
aptly named.
Ironically, hes finally seen the light, and therefore decided to
officially change his handle to the much more appropiate moniker of
Savage - a name hes already been using on the chat servers and alike
for ages. He will keep the tag avg though, if only because svg is a
graphics format that doesnt go well with ANSI at all.
After having been snubbed inexplicably by the Demosplash audience last
year, avg and tainted brought home a Blender win for Fire, thanks to
Warpus preventing his co-judge from making a joke out of the competition
again. He gets to keep the dick pics and even got to draw a logo with
tainted and Tetanus. And knocturnal, but that guys technically in
Lazarus with Warpus, so I guess that doesnt count as a special reward.
Both of those Lazarus guys are highly appreciated guests in this pack,
but knocturnal was also part of our first Fire ANSI Calendar picking up
from where we left off at Blocktronics.
While we released the PDF as a little Christmas present so you could all
print it out in time for the New Year, youll finally find the actual
ANSI files attached in this pack.
So, less than three months after our revival pack, heres Fire 36.
/nail, 2023-03-03