fire #35 info by nail
fire #35 info by nail
Time is a scary concept. 35 December, 2022
Seconds, minutes, hours, ticking away on our individual clocks of life,
and on humanity, or the entire planet, as a whole.
Its precious, and not to be wasted. So what makes something
worthwhile, what is your purpose, your goal in life?
Over a year ago, with the release of Fire 34, my ANSI life had come
full circle. It felt like I was done, ready to move on once more, as
most of us had at the end of the 90s and spend my time in other,
perceivably more rewarding ways.
I occasionally checked the 16c front page, more out of a slowly dying
habit than with intent to get involved again. The majority of the packs
released and the absence of others made it easy not to care.
I even managed not to care when Tainted took over one of my long-time
projects, the annual ANSI calendar I had started in 2016.
Then, somewhere between a small show of support for the Evoke ANSI
competition and my conversations with Tainted, something went terribly
wrong, and here we are.
There are those who claim they knew Id be back eventually, but they
probably didnt foresee that Id be bringing Fire with me...
... or stupid fucking FiRE to some.
Continuing on from Fire 34, Halaster, God Among Lice and Ville are
back on board. Cleaner returned to Fire, and 90s members Riddler and
Zir aka Zirkus aka Circus Freak came back out of retirement for this
very pack, laying down their first blocks in forever.
We also welcome new members into our ranks who hardly need an
introduction as theyve been largely responsible for keeping ANSI alive
these past couple of years.
- from Blocktronics: Filth, Tainted, Tetanus, avg and Toon Goon
- from the ashes of Fuel: Necro
- from Lazarus: Abstrakt
With these guys on board, Fires back to old strength.
No, we certainly wont be releasing monthly again, but rest assured
that this is not a one-off. This time, were gonna stick around
for a while - and its gonna be worthwhile.
/nail, 2022-12-12
Post Scriptum: Lemmy Kilmister died seven years ago this month.
Id like to claim that it is no coincidence that we have three
portraits of the iconic Motrhead frontman in this pack.
The very fact that avg, Necro and myself thought of drawing him
independently from each other, speaks to the impact the man had.
Heres to you, Lemmy.