tribute to Fire by Cthulu & LDA
tribute to Fire by Cthulu & LDA
A fire can go out, but never dies. Watch out for the firepit coals beneath the sand! Anyone disputing this -- he lies, he doesnt know or doesnt understand. Sure, sap its air with water, foam or dirt -- remove its oxygen, you fire hater. The charcoal bides its time -- it isnt hurt, the fire doesnt care itll just burn later. A demonstration, if its not too late: go snuff a candle, fill the room with smoke. Thats not a metaphor, please read me straight. The sooty vapour makes you cough and choke. But its educated haze its source it learns, and if you touch it with a spark -- the fucker burns.
poetry cthulu
art lda
m i s t
the unsavoury character spotted at the scene of Fires last two deaths greets
some old flames:
early sparks
halaster king arthur the lite prisoner 1 shaolin wintermute
second burn
god among lice iodine nail numb