when i sleep by nail + halaster
when i sleep by nail + halaster
nail hal
When I sleep
my idolized comic book writer
doesnt descend a spiral stair
screaming crosshatched misogyny
at the woman who edited twenty
six volumes of his penciled aardvark
my fingers fly F keys, scatter
phosphorescent rainbow tic-tac blocks
like radioactive ice cream sprinkles
magnetically assembling in perfect arcs
on comically small cathode ray tubes
I grok the refs in my .NFOs, recall real
names of artists whose reps I sweated,
joke idiomatic expressions with reclusive,
killer-handled French Canadians
for 3.99 a minute on prepaid MCI
swirling snow juxtaposed on brick alley
walls sketches an invitation to sink
five hours into The Cure and IRC
while the dorm radiator swelters
and Diff EQ isnt due til Wednesday
F i R E S l e e p i n g G o d s FiRE MMXXI