Avalon by Gunthar
Avalon by Gunthar
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This logo was for Omega Reds board, Avalon,
which was up about a year ago the
point in time I started this logo. Im sure the board is l
ong since gone, but
I just couldnt stand to see such a cool font go to waste.
So here it is. OM,
if youre still out there somewhere, here you go.. and sorry
it took so long :
The Golden Bees are back! If youre tired of bei
ng in a non-producing group of
ansi artists that isnt going anywhere, join up with
Fire! Wasting yer time in
one of those hyped-up art groups that never lasts for more t
han a few months is
no good. Fire is an established art group thats
been around for years! Weve
got the energy going again like no other group has. The
Golden Bees for ansi!!
-- Gunthar the Mighty of the Golden Bees