a Phunky little thing i did by STEALTHBOY
a Phunky little thing i did by STEALTHBOY
Hey hows it going? I hope you
liked this ansi. it only took me 3 hours total.
I Think im slowly getting faster. Greets: ViLLAGE iDiOT
, NiTRO Happy Birthday
Special Ed, Primal Fear, Shroud, Andy Rictor, Conan, T
he Rest. I am writing
This as my roommate screams at the T.V. Native people are havin
g their cheeks
pierced on T.v. Its pretty sickening. How can you sit back at
your 2000
machine and not think about something like that? What is wrong
with you? The
time you spend viewing Ansis, you could be watching African na
tives going
through ridiculous amounts of pain. Oh well, I hope you liked
this ansi,
i ripped it from a shirt i own. Its from a company called GREE
D. Go buy some
stuff from them today, and be cool like me.
Seriously. Hopefully this will mak
eit into an Eden pack sometime soon. VI is ansi coordin
ator, and he likes my
stuff, but the president still hasnt seen my stuff. Oh well, I
have other stuf
fto worry about. Beck, Bruce Lee, Henry Rollins, And Da
ve Letterman all rule.
This is the part where i type something crazy for you guys.
She took my dog
like he wasnt mine
Now my heads a log
attached to my spine
She dresses him up
in little clothes
boy shirts on a pup
like noone knows
Now I throw the ball
but it dont come back
His name i call
my scent hell track
Like Mcauley Culkin
Im home alone
you can find me sulkin
with his bowl and bone