Font Tutor by Ill Communikation
Font Tutor by Ill Communikation
as much as id like to get rid of this WHOLE ansi... :
ill show you what you SHOULD HAVE DONE!!
first lets take 1 letter... the d.. itll be called our FOUNDATION LETTER!
now we have to
to plain shape modify it
first.. its easy to
do.. just be creative.. same basic shape... just add more
to the font.. :
now that you have your basic shape down.. the next thing you need to do is
pick colorz! : i like red and dark grey..
now shade the ansi in
a give and take manner..
give red in some spots
and take grey in others..
more grey near the bottom
more red at the top..
we can do the other letters.. for example.. the r can be cut off
of the d...
to to
the os can be done the same way..
now lets piece them together..
for the l we can just block copy and x flip our d..
to to
add that to the droo..
and we are done.. if you want to add a little.. like some ikC magic.. :
you can do that too.. like so..
i hope this helpz.. :