Font Tutor #2 by Ill Communikation
Font Tutor #2 by Ill Communikation
Step: 1
okay... first the s.. sz are real easy.. all you do is make an o and
put f-5z on the left side. and f6z in the middle and the right side..
new s:
f5--- -f6
before after
Step: 2
f6z and f5z are added to the arms of the s..
-- add f5
add f6--
before after
different sz can be made by modifying the inital o!
----------------THE S IS DONE--------------
for the t we take our o and fix it up again!
--- erase everything from here
---- to here
before after
now we take our l looking thing and add to it to get a t..
add- - add 2 f6z
1 F6
before after
----------------THE S IS DONE--------------
now we must color our 2 letterz.. well take the green color scheme for these
add your back ground color first.. then pick the foreground color on top
of the back ground.. in this case we will use colorz 10-2..
then add blotches ANYWHERE you want on the letterz.. it doesnt matter where
then use F1,F2 and F3 to shade the colorz together..
F9z can be sprinkled over the ansi if desired hehehe...
Like so---
then you can add other colorz to complement the shading..
we will use 7 and mix it with our other colorz..
now the font itself is done.. but a backgrond iz needed.. i always like a nice
dark grey outline around the font...
and thats it.. you can add some more magic if you want.. but it is ok now..