Hi there, boys and girls. Im Superfly and this is the latest and
greatest lowdown on the art department. I wrote last time on behalf
of the now defunct lit department. Anyways the art department isnt
looking to great right now. If I sound a little pessimistic, I am.
Its really hard to keep a group alive let alone growing while losing
original members all the time. I really dont know how many people are
in the art dpartment right now, but I know that there is at least one
who doesnt belong...yet. This month youll see more of my stuff along
with Techmasters and maybe some Trilobyte oh, did I mention that hes
gone now? work. I dont know how long we can last without getting
some new blood. We have potential, this is true, so if you think you
can contribute, get in touch with us at CB4. Whelp gotta go, check out
my other article in this months DoPE newsletter.
Hiya, hiya, hiyas out to:
Trilobyte...hope you can stick around man, I hardly got to know ya.
M.I.........I know you are trying, maybe we should just start kid-
napping artists from other groups:
Peak Velocity...My portfolio is in the mail...
Lithium.....beta? what beta?You thought you had to wait a long time
to get YOUR license?I got mine last week, bud!
Lunatic.....Where have you gone?
Assorted guys and gals in DoPE, Union, TiTAN, CiA, and
and on ImpactNet and CiPNET.
p.s. Techmaster is now gone as well, thanks alot pal.